[The Histories]


09월 04일 룩슬리아 4th 콜라보레이션 with 오후3시

03월 08일 오후3시 X 룩슬리아 콜라보레이션 패션쇼

03월 06일 2019 대구패션페어(DFF) 참가


12월 14일 홍련 X 룩슬리아
도예퍼포먼스 X 텍스타일 콜라보레이션 2인展

11월 29일 룩슬리아 깃털로고 상표등록증 취득

09월 10일 룩슬리아 X 살롱드라 헤어샵
콜라보레이션 패턴 갤러리

08월 17일 원수연 헤어살롱
with 룩슬리아 갤러리

07월 09일 룩슬리아 & RUXLIA 상표등록증 취득

03월 22일 룩슬리아 디자인등록증 취득

03월 09일 2018 넥스트젠 디자이너
온라인어워즈 2nd 수상

03월 08일 DFF 룩슬리아 연합패션쇼

03월 07일 2018 대구패션페어(DFF) 참가


11월 01일 제 29회 대구컬렉션 한복패션쇼 /
꽃타래우리옷 X 룩슬리아 콜라보레이션

09월 18일 패션코드 2018 S/S 참가

05월 25일 프로젝트 룩슬리아 인 도쿄 & MIXY 시리즈

03월 08일 2017 대구패션페어(DFF) 참가

02월 09일 파우치 디자인 기획 및 홍보

01월 13일 온라인 전자상거래 등록


08월 10일 대구기업명품관 '엘르토탈' 입점

08월 08일 룩슬리아 사업자 등록

08월 06일 룩슬리아 포트폴리오 홈페이지 등록

06월 14일 뉴욕 제품 홍보 (MIXY-B)

06월 01일 대표 디자인 저작권 등록

04월 15일 텍스타일디자인 기획 및 첫 제품 제작


September 4th. RUXLIA 4th Collaboration with Ohwho3

March 8th. Ohwho3 X RUXLIA Collaboration
fashion show in DFF

March 6th. Ruxlia joined the Daegu fashion fair and displayed our products.


December 14th. Hong Ryeon X Ruxlia
Textile & Ceramic Exhibition in Collaboration

November 29th. Ruxlia receives the trademark registration certificate <Feather logo>

September 10th. Ruxlia X Salon de Ra Hair Shop Collaboration pattern gallery

August 17th. Ruxlia X Su-Yun Won Hair Salon and displayed our patterns

July 09th. Ruxlia receives the trademark registration certificate

March 22th. Ruxlia receives the design registration certificate

March 9th. Ruxlia receive the second prize in the NEXTGEN designer online awards

March 8th. Ruxlia joined the combined fashion show in DFF

March 7th. Ruxlia joined the Daegu fashion fair and displayed our products.


November 1th. The 29th annual Daegu Hanbok(Korean traditional clothes) fashion show / 꽃타래우리옷 X RUXLIA Collaboration

September 18th. Ruxlia joined the Fashion KODE 2018 S/S and displayed our products.

May 25th. Project Ruxlia and MIXY series 3 were displayed in Tokyo, Japan.

March 8th. Ruxlia joined the Daegu fashion fair and displayed our products.

February 9th. We had a design meeting and planned our new range of pouches and an advertising strategy.

January 13th. Ruxlia completed our e-commerce registration.


August 10th. Our brand became available in 'Elle total' in Daegu.

August 8th. We took the important step of reserving our business license.

August 6th. We reserved our brand name Ruxlia and created our website which you are viewing currently.

June 14th. Our product (MIXY-B) was advertised in New York USA.

June 1st. We reviewed 12 different designs and we selected the best design to represent our company and put a copyright on our product.

April 15th. Textile design planning and creation of initial product.

[Trademark registration]

Registration number <40-1421542>

Registration number <40-1375842>

Registration number <40-1375844>

[Design registration]

Registration number <30-0950237>


Fill-BK <C-2018-026780>series

Tulry-B <C-2017-027190>series

Pops <C-2017-027191>series

Aexii-P <C-2017-023483>series

Mixy-B <C-2017-023482>series

Soar-B <C-2017-023481>

Soar-A <C-2017-023480>

Ruxxi-P <C-2017-023479>

Ruxxi-Y <C-2016-013133>